Royal Dutch Shell To Continue With Deepwater Oil & Gas Exploration Off Egypt’s Coast — Implications

Deepwater oil and gas exploration off Egyptโ€™s Mediterranean coast is now slated to be resumed by Royal Dutch Shell after a fairly long pause, the company’s Executive Vice President Sami … [Read full article]

Current New Zealand Government Administration Won’t Grant New Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration Permits, Prime Minister Says

In an announcement that mostly just amounts to a milking circumstance for PR purposes, the current administration in New Zealand has announced that it won’t be granting any new offshore … [Read full article]

Norwegian Court Rules Against Lawsuit Calling For End To Arctic Oil Exploration โ€” Arctic Oil Development Is A Go

The lawsuit that was filed by environmental groups in response to Norway’s announcement of plans to continue oil exploration in the Arctic has been dismissed by a court in Oslo. … [Read full article]

Vanadium Emissions Surged Last 2 Decades โ€” Increasing Use Of Heavy Oils, Tar Sands, Bitumen, Etc.

The growing use of heavy oils, tar sands, bitumen, petroleum coke, etc., by industry since 2000 or so has resulted in rapidly surging levels of vanadium emissions, according to a … [Read full article]

Study: Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Protects Memory & Capacity To Learn, Protects Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Extra-virgin olive oil consumption protects against the loss of memory and lean ring capacity, and also against the formation of amyloid-beta plaques and neurofibrillary tangles in the brain (markers for … [Read full article]

Russian Oil, Russian Billions, Trump World, Russian Hacking, FBI Director Firing, & Democracy

When you think of healthy democracies, you definitely think of petrostates, right? Some would like to characterize Russia as a more varied and robust economy โ€” not quite a petrostate … [Read full article]

Trump Considers Opening Pacific Coast To Oil Drilling

The Trump administration is reviewing plans for offshore natural gas and oil drilling in the Pacific. There have been no new wells of the Pacific Coast of the United States since 1984.