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Start a Mini-Garden — Join "Grow Your Own Food Challenge"

Becky Striepe, editor of one of our sister sites, Eat Drink Better, is giving home gardening a “whirl” and inviting others to join her in the process. Interested?

My goal this spring is to grow some food. Not a ton of food, but some. I invite all of you to join me and share your experiences!

Confession time: I have what some folks call a โ€œblack thumb.โ€ Iโ€™m a plant killer. I love planting and photographing plants, but when it comes to actually watering them, I am a complete flake. Itโ€™s led to quite a few gardening catastrophes followed by a period where I couldnโ€™t face another failed crop. It had been a couple of years since I tried growing any food plants, and my friendย Mike recently inspired me to give it another whirl.

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