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How To Recycle Your Phone Correctly

November 5th, 2012 by

Technology is developing at an alarming rate and thanks to this there are plenty of new techie toys for us to get our hands on! Before you cast your old cell phone aside in favour of that shiny new one, make sure you think carefully about how to recycle your device responsibly.

70% of the toxic waste in our landfills is directly related to the improper disposal of cell phones. The negative effects that this toxic waste can have on our environment makes it imperative that we recycle our cell phones correctly, and recycling your phone ecologically is a lot easier than you think.

Although there aren’t many curbside collection options to recycle your old cell phones, there are a vast number of take-back and mail-in programs that you can take advantage of to recycle your device easily.

So, the question is, who can you can trust to recycle your cell phone responsibly?

Best Buy is a company that allows you to drop cell phones off at their kiosks. They never export components or non-working phones to developing countries and they also police their third-party partners by insisting that they provide documentation to prove that they comply with environmental recycling policies.

GreenPhone not only offers you a cash rebate for your old phone, they plant a tree for each phone recycled!

Earth 911 is a great site that allows you to check recycling outfits to see how strictly they control their exporting and gain information on smelting toxins.

Cash For iPhones also has a comprehensive cell phone recycling list and resource page.

Newer cell phones are becoming more and more environmentally friendly, so staying connected with 4g smartphones can be eco friendly! The phones we are using now are made with a lot less cadium as well as being lighter models. Nowadays, the average cell phone weighs half of what it weighed in 2000, at just 4 ounces. Impressively, recycling rates are also on the up. In 2003, less than 1% of people were recycling their old cell phones, but now we have hit almost 20%!

Are you going to become a part of the recycling revolution?

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  • Anne Staley

    How to recycle other metal waste & E-waste?
    There are some guidelines for choosing E-waste recycler. Proper disposal is necessary to avoid pollution.

  • Anne Staley

    How to recycle other metal waste & E-waste?
    There are some guidelines for choosing E-waste recycler. Proper disposal is necessary to avoid pollution.

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