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The Beautiful Forest (Beautiful, Awe-Inspiring Video)

I shared a great, awe-inspiring short film by WWF UK a couple weeks ago titled Astonish Me. Definitely worth a watch.

A WWF UK representative followed up with another great video/short film the organization recently created. I think this one will change the way you look at a forest forever. It’s a beautiful time-lapse video of a growing forest supplemented with great commentary on forests. Check it out:

Cerrado, Truly Precious Ecosystem, Under Threat {Take Action}

Ever heard of the Cerrado? I can’t get on you if haven’t, since I hadn’t until a week or two ago myself. But this truly precious ecosystem is home to approximately 5% of the world’s species, and (the not good news) it has been cut in half in the last 40 years (an area greater in size than the UK, Germany, Italy and Portugal combined).