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Leftover Love

  by Charlotte White/Random Charlotte So there is this new trendy craze going around, some wacky environmental idea about saving the planet. And I must be honest — even though … [Read full article]

Green Christmas Card Ideas

Go green this holiday season by sending e-cards to your loved ones rather than the traditional printed greeting cards. If you have to send actual cards, send ones made from recycled paper and keep the annual newsletter to an email.

Gov Study Confirms Toxic Chemicals Pumped into Wells During 'Fracking'

Between 2005 and 2009, oil and natural gas companies operating in 14 states injected hundreds of millions of gallons of toxic and/or carcinogenic chemical into natural gas wells, according to a recent investigation conducted by three House Democrats* and made public on Saturday.

Where and How? New Carbon Footprint Study Shows Location, Lifestyle Matter

UC Berkeley Researchers Jones and Kammen, working at the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) have conducted a landmark GHG emission analysis of U.S. households, and which also provides a tool for more effective consumer and governmental policy decision-making. The “tool” here is the “carbon calculator” made available for free on the Cool Climate Network website.

LifeEdited [VIDEO]

So many of our environmental problems are purely due to waste, inefficient design and use. Innovator Graham Hill, founder of TreeHugger, is trying to help our society reduce our waste … [Read full article]

Reducing Urban Water Use

This is a special guest post from the Earth Policy Institute (subheadings and photo above added). Enjoy. Lester R. Brown U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt once noted that “civilized people ought … [Read full article]