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Eco-Friendly, Vegan Shoes! (Review)

I had a great opportunity to review some new, cool, super green, comfortable, vegan shoes recently. They are made of recycled and repurposed materials, and are a product of Unstitched Utilities. Here’s my review. […]

How to Cook Vegan

  As I wrote last week, at least 51% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions come from livestock production. Therefore, one of the best things… I mean, probably the best thing … [Read full article]

Science vs. Culture – Indian Scientists Clash Over Proposed Animal Welfare Law

With an estimated 5000 research institutions utilizing live animals, India has become a powerhouse in medical and biological research. But there’s a problem: according to the Animal Welfare Board of Indi, only 1700 of those institutions are in compliance with government registration laws, and only 200 or so have adequate facilities for the proper housing and care of animals. A new Animal Welfare Law has been proposed with provisions, out-right bans,and penalties that some scientists are calling excessively “harsh”. Critics assert that the law will severely hindermedical valuable and important science education and research.

30 Cute, Awe-Inspiring, Interesting, & Disturbing Animal Videos & Stories

We’ve several cute and awe-inspiring animal videos for you this week, as always, but we’ve also got a handful of interesting and disturbing videos about animal cruelty and endangered species that I think everyone should watch. Check these videos out and the stories underneath them all.