Earthquake Maps: Today's Virginia Earthquake

I already shared a couple of these maps, but everyone loves maps and especially when it comes to earthquakes, so I thought I’d share all I can find and have some legal right to re-publish.

Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan

A 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of Japan today, the USGS reports (the location is circled on the USGS map above).

New Zealand Earthquake Causes Tsunami Warnings

Well, as if we haven’t seen enough earthquakes and tsunamis this year, New Zealand just got hit with another. New Zealand was hit with a 7.6-magnitude earthquake today, according to the USGS, and a local tsunami warning has followed.

Completion of Earthquake Early Warning System Urged for U.S. West Coast

Despite the huge loss of life following the Tonoku earthquake and consequent tsunami, the losses would have been even greater were it not for an earthquake early warning system set in place by the government of Japan following the devastating Kobe quake in the mid 1990’s.

A similar early warning system has been underway for nearly ten years in California, but remains incomplete.