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The Connection Between Climate Change and Migration

Not only have we settled in disaster prone areas, but when things get bad because of Climate Change, we move to even worse areas. Last year, according to the United Nations, 210 million people – about three per cent of the global population – migrated between countries, and in 2009 about 740 million people moved within countries.

Flooding in Pakistan

Heavy monsoon rains over the course of August 2011 have caused widespread flood damage in Pakistan. The southern province of Sindh was hit especially hard. The horrendous flooding has effected close to 5 million people, destroyed millions of homes, killed at least 361 people and displaced 600,000 who are currently living in refugee camps because of the continually rising waters.

Current La Nina Drawing to a Close

The World Meteorological Organisation, the weather agency of the United Nations, has announced that the current La NiΓ±a episode looks to be coming to an end.

Arctic Affected by Climate Change More than Expected

β€’ The last five years have been the warmest since 1880 when monitoring began
β€’ Tree ring data suggest that the summer temperatures over the past few decades have been the highest in 2000 years
β€’ Snow cover in May and June has decrease by close to 20%
β€’ The winter season in the Arctic has been shortened by almost two weeks
β€’ There is worry about the decrease in snow and ice cover in the Arctic that will decrease the amount of solar radiation reflected back out into the atmosphere
β€’ Warming is only expected to continue
β€’ Sea level rise by 2100 is expected to be between 0.9 and 1.6 metres, approximately twice what was predicted by the UN panel on climate change

Food Prices on the Rise — Expect that to Stay the Same

Worldwide, high crude oil prices, increasing extreme weather events, population growth and economic development of poorer countries, crop-based biofuels, political conflict and unrest in the Middle East, and slowing crop yield growth are all factors contributing to rising food prices.