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BREAKING: Today's Illinois Tornadoes

Tornado watches and warnings in the Midwest, Sunday, November 17, 2013. On their way to Chicago. Peoria. Jennifer Wojcicki ☈ ‏‪@WxWithJenny‬ 20m RT ‪@TomPurdyWI‬: Beautiful wall cloud near Harvard, Illinois … [Read full article]

La Nada to Blame for American Wild Weather

Want an explanation for the record snowfalls, killer tornadoes and devastating floods running wild across America? NASA climatologist Bill Patzert believes that “La Nada” is the problem.

Tornado Videos from Space

The United States has been suffering through a torrid tornado season, and NASA has captured several videos of the tornadoes as they swept through the country, devastating homes and lives in many towns and states.

Deadliest Tornado Outbreak Since 1974

April 27 and April 28 saw the deadliest outbreak of tornado’s strike the United States since 1974. By the end, at least 250 had been killed across 6 states, with Alabama being the hardest hit with 162 of the confirmed dead coming from that state.