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Candidates Should Talk Green To Win Election Votes

A new study which surveyed adult Americans found that by taking a β€˜green’ position on climate change, political candidates could take more votes than if they took a β€˜not-green’ position.

Stanford Climate Scientists Forecast Hotter Years Ahead

According to Stanford University scientists, the tropics and much of the Northern Hemisphere are likely to undergo an irreversible temperature shift during summers over the next 20 to 60 years if greenhouse gas emissions are not curtailed immediately.

NASA Confirms Einstein's Theory in 'Epic' Space-Time Experiment [VIDEO]

It was a truly “epic” mission; after nearly 47 years of planning, operating, monitoring and analyzing the data from a special satellite-probe known as Gravity Probe B (GP-B), NASA scientists are announcing definitive confirmation of Einstein’s famous theoretical prediction of the “warping” of space around the Earth due to its orbit and spinning motion through ‘space-time’.

Millennium Group Seeks to Alter Behavior & Halt Global Collapse

“To lead decent lives, at least two billion people are in dire need of more consumption, but extending American consumption patterns to even today’s 6.8 billion people is not only unsustainable but likely a biophysical impossibility.” — Paul R. Ehrlich, Stanford University