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South Korea Hit with Deadly Landslides (from Heavy Rains)

South Korea just got nailed with some heavy rain that has triggered landslides in and flooding in and near its large capital city, Seoul. 32 have been confirmed dead so far. (Whatever you do, don’t consider that is has anything to do with climate change, even though this is exactly the sort of catastrophe climate scientists have predicted will become more and more common.)

Cancer Breakthrough: New Magnetic Nano-Particles Completely 'Cook' Tumors

The treatment tumors and cancer cells via nanomedicine has had a few, promising successes in recent years, but with some drawbacks including large dosage size and allergic reactions in some patients. But now, a team of nanomedical researchers has devised a new method for “cooking” tumor cells using specially designed, magnetic nanoparticles. Initial experiments on tumorous mice completely eradicated the cancer with no apparent side-effects.