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A Warm and Dry Britain and Ireland {Photo of the Day}

The image shows a brown and dry landscape, unsurprising as it followed one of the warmest months on record. The image shows Scotland (top) and Northern Ireland (bottom left) after they had endured just two-thirds of the rain normally expected in April, and increased temperatures.

Deep Sea Life Photographed at Europeโ€™s Deepest Point

Scientists from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland have photographed for the first time fish and shrimp at Europeโ€™s deepest point, the Oinousse Pit, 5111 metres or 3.2 miles below the surface of the Mediterranean Sea, southwest of the Greek town of Pylos.

Scotland Plans World's Largest Underwater Tidal Turbine Project

Iberdrola subsidiary ScottishPower Renewables plans to install a tidal power project between two islands, Islay and Jura, in the inner Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland. The expected power output of the ยฃ40million project will be 10 MW, enough to power twice the number of homes on nearby Islay.