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Human Virus Linked to Deaths of Two Mountain Gorillas

A form of human metapneumovirus (HMPV) has been identified as the likely cause of death in two mountain gorillas, an infant and adult female, following an outbreak of respiratory disease that hit Rwanda in 2009. The source of the virus is unknown and an unknown number of other gorillas may be carrying the virus. Due to the genetic compatibility of humans and gorillas, wildlife biologists have long feared and predicted the spread of human diseases into this critically endangered population. Now, it appears, their worst fears may have come true.

Rwanda Wins Green Globe Award

Rwanda was recently awarded a Green Globe Award for world-leading environmental conservation work. In particular, the country was honored for β€œits restoration ofΒ theΒ Rugezi-Bulera-Ruhondo wetland, an area that used to be … [Read full article]