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Texas A&M Climate Scientist Tells Rick Perry He's Wrong about Galileo

Using a global warming denier talking point that is completely backwards, GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry compared “climate skeptics” to Galileo recently. To anyone who knows anything about climate science or Galileo, Rick Perry was completely off on this analogy, and actually has it backwards.

Rick Santorum's Hypocrisy in Criticizing Rick Perry

Sure, saying that Rick Perry “ignores reality” is true. Heck, they guy is the governor of a state that just had its (and any US state’s) hottest summer ever, record-smashing drought, and tremendous fires, and yet he ignores the conclusive scientific proclamation that we are causing catastrophic climate change and need to get off of fossil fuels to stop it. I mean, can you ignore reality any more?!

However, Santorum seems just about as crazy and ignores the clear climate science we should all be acting on NOW as well. He said “There is no such thing as global warming” on the Glenn Beck show this June! Looney.