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Climate Change, Conflict & Ill Health Linked, Pose 'Grave Threat'

” Climate change poses an immediate and grave threat, driving ill health and increasing the risk of conflict, such that each feeds on the other.” asserts a new report in the British Medical Journal by a group of UK defense, medical and public health officials.

The Strata: World's First Skyscraper with Built-in Wind Turbines

Its official name is Strata SE1, and it’s the first “skyscraper” to integrate wind turbines into its original facade. The 42 story, energy-producing building is hopefully representative of a not-too-distant-future trend in large-scale, urban structure design and development.

Recycling is B.S.? B.S.!

Magicians Penn and Teller are whizzes when it comes to performing offbeat, weird, funny and gross sleights of hand and other tricks. But they’re neither scientists nor fair and objective … [Read full article]