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How Much Does it Take to Overload the Average Solar System?

Many homeowners are accustomed to seeing their electric meter spinning forward, measuring the energy a home is consuming at any given moment. Scott Gordon is more used to seeing his meter spin backward, counting the watts being sold back to the electric company, and putting money into his pocket.

Wind and Waves Growing Worldwide

New research out of Australia has shown that oceanic wind speeds and wave heights have increased dramatically over the last twenty-five years. The results stem from the most comprehensive study of its kind ever undertaken, which looked at satellite data dating from 1985 to 2008.

Hooked on Fossil Fuels

Just as in the days when I was Hooked on Classics, it looks like humanity is going to be โ€˜hooked on fossil fuelsโ€™ for awhile longer. According to British Petroleumโ€™s … [Read full article]