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Would Contact by E.T.'s Save Us or Destroy Us? – Paper Causes Web Stir

‘Would Contact with Extraterrestrials Benefit or Harm Humanity? A Scenario Analysis’ is the title of a recently published paper that has been making the rounds and causing a bit of a hullabaloo this past week. The “controversy” stems from an erroneous attribution of the paper to NASA. Regardless, the paper is newsworthy for what it is willing to consider, which is the fate of humanity post first contact.

Threatened Russian 'Plant Bank' Gets Reprieve

The decision by a Russian court to turn over 70 hectares of genetically unique species of plants to home developers caused an uproar world-wide, with scientists decrying the pending loss as “irreplaceable” and a major blow to agricultural biodiversity. Recently, however, the Russian government has stepped in and ordered a review of the decision — postponing the auctioning of land until at least October.