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{Quote of the Week} Frank Lloyd Wright

Last week, I did a “quote of the day.” While I may end up getting to one quote per day, I think that one per week makes more sense for now. Here’s a great one by Frank Lloyd Wright one of my sisters shared with me recently.

1st Quote of the Day

I know some people aren’t so into them, but I love me some good quotes. And I think that sometimes a short, insightful quote can do wonders more than a long, overly complicated essay. So, I thought I’d start sharing a quote of the day here on Planetsave. Rather than ramble on and on about this, here’s the first one, which was shared by a really great online friend of mine. I looked up the quote on Google to find out who “L.T.” is and don’t see it anywhere else on the web. So, not sure who said this, but it is really an excellent quote. Enjoy!