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The Uninvited Bed Bug

Bed bugs are making a resurgence and with them a rise in the use of toxic pesticides. But there are greener alternatives…

Pesticides and ADHD (cartoon)

From Grist: More research linking pesticide exposure to ADHD in kids Follow all of Mean Joe Green’s environmental cartoons on JoeMohrToons.com and on Twitter at @GreenCartoons.

Question: How to Curb CO2 Emissions and Feed the World?

In a recent paper published on the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences website (Greenhouse gas mitigation by agricultural intensification, by Jennifer A. Burney, Steven J. Davis, and
David B. Lobell), the authors estimated the GHG emissions from U.S. agriculture for the period from 1961 through 2005–a period of great agricultural intensification–and show a massive decrease in GHG emissions as a result of this intensification.