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Coolest, Nerdiest Music Video Ever: 'Ode to the Brain' [VIDEO]

“…and then it explodes into this enormous collage…” If you haven’t seen/heard this yet, I promise you, it will persist and linger amongst your neural nets for a long, long time…Ode to the Brain is the coolest, nerdiest music video…ever.

Are Octopuses Psychic? No, but They Are Darned Clever [VIDEO]

When it comes to highly intelligent sea creatures, dolphins, whales tend to get most of the cerebral credit. But the “lowly” octopus—a popular dish in many Mediterranean cuisines—may be one of the most intelligent creatures in the sea, and is the only invertebrate (animals lacking bones) that has been conclusively shown to use tools…Possessing both a short and longer-term memory capacity, octopuses exhibit a wide range of fascinating behaviors, many of which have led some scientists to describe them as “highly intelligent”.