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Top Activism & Politics Stories (Videos)

Other than the terrific piece new Planetsave writer and activist Kate Follot just wrote, here are some top activism stories of the past few days. They cover topics related to transportation, the tar sands, climate change, animals, nature, food, and more. Check them out:

Earth (Tribute Video)

This is a beautiful music video a friend on Google Reader recently shared with me. It includes some of the most beautiful photos of natural landscapes I’ve seen. And the music is beautiful as well. And they are nicely synced.

Here’s more from the YouTube page (and credits at the end as well): “Tribute video for our planet Earth. Name of used song is Melanesian Choirs: Jisas yu holem hand blong mi.”

Loss of Predators Is Our Greatest Impact

“The loss of apex consumers is arguably humankind’s most pervasive influence on the natural world,” argue the authors of a new report published in the journal Science, which looked at the decline of large predators and other ‘apex consumers’ at the top of the food chain.

{Quotes of the Week} Native American Chiefs

I was out of town last week & didn’t post a “quote of the week” — and since I ran across a couple of great ones this week, I thought I’d make up for last week by sharing both.

These are from a Native American Quotes webpage I ran across on StumbleUpon.

Human Race Faces Three Paths Forward – TED Talk {VIDEO}

medical ethicist Dr. Harvey Fineberg gives a compelling — and even a bit unsettling — talk on the evolutionary future of the Human race. Dr F presents his audience with three possible choices that we humans can make: we can stop evolving altogether, we can continue to evolve naturally, or, we can take control of our biological evolution through genetic modification and make ourselves “better”.

{Quote of the Week} Frank Lloyd Wright

Last week, I did a “quote of the day.” While I may end up getting to one quote per day, I think that one per week makes more sense for now. Here’s a great one by Frank Lloyd Wright one of my sisters shared with me recently.

Flamboyán {10 Friday Photos + 2 extra}

Delonix regia is an awesome tree that look like it’s burning. In Spanish it’s called “Flamboyán” — that seems to really fit it. Flamboyan is a breathtaking tree worth looking at for hours! There’s nothing what will explain the beauty of that tree to you — just look at it!