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The Exception to Bergmann’s Rule

Since 1971, researchers in California have been collecting data on birds’ bodies and wingspans and have discovered that the birds have been growing in size. These research findings seem to be an exception to Bergmann’s Rule, which is unusual when compared with similar studies throughout the United States and even Europe.

Human Race Faces Three Paths Forward – TED Talk {VIDEO}

medical ethicist Dr. Harvey Fineberg gives a compelling — and even a bit unsettling — talk on the evolutionary future of the Human race. Dr F presents his audience with three possible choices that we humans can make: we can stop evolving altogether, we can continue to evolve naturally, or, we can take control of our biological evolution through genetic modification and make ourselves β€œbetter”.

Robots Achieve Self-Awareness, May Also Develop 'Mental Problems'

Artificial intelligence has taken a big leap forward: two roboticists (Lipson and Zagal), working at the University of Chile, Santiago, have created what they claim is the first robot to possess “metacognition” — a form of self-awareness which involves the ability to observe ones’ own thought processes and thus alter one’s behavior accordingly.