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{Quotes of the Week} Native American Chiefs

I was out of town last week & didn’t post a “quote of the week” — and since I ran across a couple of great ones this week, I thought I’d make up for last week by sharing both.

These are from a Native American Quotes webpage I ran across on StumbleUpon.

"Tug-O-War" Oil and Gas Lease Sites Must Past Tribal Test

Oil and gas leases have been a hot topic for a long time, especially since the controversial disruption of a BLM land sale by student activist Tim DeChristopher in Salt Lake City this past December. The sale which, according to some, was a midnight move by the Bush administration found itself floundering when an unknown bidder (DeChristopher) won parcel after parcel of land. Since December the leased parcels have been pulled back and forth between the BLM and the Interior, between developers and nature-lovers.