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Woke Up (Music Video)

Here’s a video with some beautiful music and some chilling pics of our changing climate: Apparently, the song is by Emily Maguire.

Earth (Tribute Video)

This is a beautiful music video a friend on Google Reader recently shared with me. It includes some of the most beautiful photos of natural landscapes I’ve seen. And the music is beautiful as well. And they are nicely synced.

Here’s more from the YouTube page (and credits at the end as well): “Tribute video for our planet Earth. Name of used song is Melanesian Choirs: Jisas yu holem hand blong mi.”

Whale Songs — More Complicated than You Think… Why Do They Sing?

A StumbleUpon friend of mine recently shared a TREMENDOUS article on whales and whale music with me. To put the effect in the simplest and most straightforward terms I can, it has forever transformed my view of whales and it has had a considerable impact on me, in general. I will share the intro with you here, but beyond this intro, the piece delves into a theory as to why they sing proposed by musician, professor, and author David Rothenberg, as well as the research and lives of David and Daniel Opitz, “a deep-sea diver and full-time self-financed filmmaker who made the acclaimed and award-winning film The Humpback Code.”

Mock Evacuation & Rally Against Nuclear Expansion in Florida Tomorrow {VIDEO}

One of our loyal readers (the creator of the environmental music film above) passed on to me that Florida Power & Light (FPL) wants to put two new nuclear reactors on the shores of Biscayne Bay and the South Florida Wildlands Association is organizing a mock evacuation and rally for tomorrow (Saturday) in opposition to such a plan. Here’s more….