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Untreatable Super Malaria Spreading Rapidly In Asia — How Will Convergence Of Climate Change Induced Mosquito Expansion & Drug Resistance Play Out?

The modern world has a problem of overspecialization. The limits of extrapolating generalized truths from what can be observed in limited contexts and over limited periods of times have become more and more apparent in recent years as the blowback of the industrialized way of life, and its associated ways of thinking and interacting with […]

September 30th

Bill Gates Right, PlanetSave Wrong!

Thinking we might fool somebody, we began our February story about the Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) with “The most dangerous creature in the world is not what you think it might be.” Of course, it’s not the shark at all. Sharks kill fewer than 50 people per year, most of whom get dispatched by […]

April 29th