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Giant Sun Spot Turns Toward Earth – More Large Flares Possible (VIDEO)

Active Region (AR) 1302 is slowly coming into position where it directly faces the Earth. The region contains a “behemoth” sunspot — several times larger than the Earth — named sunspot 1302.

The sunspot has already been the source of two ‘X-class’ solar flares (‘X’ signifying the most extreme known); the first, measuring an X1.4, on September 22, and the second, an X1.9, coming just three days later on Sept. 24. Are more X-class flares on the way, and on their way towards Earth?

Cancer Breakthrough: New Magnetic Nano-Particles Completely 'Cook' Tumors

The treatment tumors and cancer cells via nanomedicine has had a few, promising successes in recent years, but with some drawbacks including large dosage size and allergic reactions in some patients. But now, a team of nanomedical researchers has devised a new method for “cooking” tumor cells using specially designed, magnetic nanoparticles. Initial experiments on tumorous mice completely eradicated the cancer with no apparent side-effects.