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Sea Shepherd Hits Immediate Conflict in Libya Waters {VIDEO}

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s arrival in Libyan waters was not met with a friendly welcome on the weekend. While initially just requesting to speak with inspectors on the large fishing boats, the crew soon had to fight off attacks from the fisherman.

Sea Shepherd Headed into Libya Now

A Sea Shepherd Conservation Society boat full of environment activists, the Steve Irwin, is headed towards Libyan waters today, perhaps arriving as early as later tonight.

'Whale Wars' Stars — Sea Shepherd Crew — Headed into Libyan Waters

We’ve written about the adventures of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society probably over a dozen times here on Planetsave. It is a leading environmental and animal activism organization that has achieved some great successes. And there’s one thing quite obvious to most who follow them — they are willing to go where most won’t and take risks most wouldn’t dream of.