CERN: 'Speed of Light Exceeded' (Maybe) – Physics World Excited, but Skeptical

The news from CERN physicists that the speed of light “may have been exceeded” sent a lightning bolt of excitement and disbelief (not quite surpassing the speed of light) through the world’s physics community. Fully accepting that their results would be met with great skepticism, the same physicists are inviting other particle physicists and labs to verify — or disprove — their results, which, if validated, will overturn one of the principle tenets of modern physics: that nothing travels faster than the speed of ligh

Trans-Japan Neutrino Experiment May Solve Matter-Antimatter Mystery {VIDEOS}

It’s called the T2K Experiment, which stands for Tokai to Kamioka, and involves shooting a beam of neutrinos (underground) from the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex, or J-PARC, on the country’s east coast to a “pure water” particle detector near Japan’s west coast. The total distance traveled by these mysterious quantum particles is about 185 miles (295 km). And so far, the data coming in from T2K reveals some pretty curious behavior on the part of the neutrinos: they change ‘flavor’…And, in so doing, they just might provide the key clue for solving what’s known as matter-antimatter asymmetry.