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Greenpeace's 40th Birthday

Today is Greenpeace’s 40th birthday. Kumi Naidoo, executive director of Greenpeace International, wrote the email below on the matter. Greenpeace has accomplished a ton in the last 4 decades, but we are facing bigger challenges than ever today and we need the organization more than ever. Check out this letter from Kumi and get involved:

7 Top Action Opportunities

Along with the many top activism stories I’ve shared in the past couple weeks, here are several more I keep forgetting to get to because I was saving them on email and not in my normal places. Check them out:

Chance to Meet Lionel Messi (& Get 2 VIP Tickets to Barcelona Game), Lucy Lawless (& Have Dinner with Her), Jay Kay of Jamiroquai, Q'orianka Kilcher (& Have Lunch with Her), & Much More

Greenpeace is doing some fundraising for a new boat, the Rainbow Warrior III, “the world’s first custom-built, cutting-edge environmental campaigning vessel,” to replace the 52-year-old Rainbow Warrior. The great organization it is, Greenpeace has gotten a ton of celebrity support to help with the fundraising. There are a ton of great options for donors. Just to name a few, you can…

Da Vinci Vitruvian Man Highlights Arctic Ice Loss

Artist John Quigley has travelled to the Arctic sea ice and drawn Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous sketch the β€˜Vitruvian Man’ onto the Arctic Ice as a way to show what humans have done to the planet.

Stripping for Nike and Adidas

Over 600 people across 10 countries coordinate an international striptease to bring awareness to environmental pollution by large clothing manufacturers, including Adidas and Nike.