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Greenpeace Executive Director in Jail

If you haven’t heard the news, Greenpeace International’s Executive Director Kumi Naidoo is now in jail in Greenland. Why? He followed in the footsteps of 20 Greenpeace activists and climbed an oil rig looking to drill for oil in the Arctic Ocean.

A statement from Naidoo just before leaving a Greenpeace ship to climb the rig:

Oil Company Shoots Itself in Foot by Suing Greenpeace

I reported yesterday that oil company Cairn Energy was suing Greenpeace after 2 activists hung underneath its oil rig for 5 days in an “Arctic survival pod” (stopping it from drilling for oil) and then, a couple days later (Saturday), 18 activists (who are still in jail in Greenland) climbed Cairn Energy’s Arctic oil rig — Leiv Eiriksson — to retrieve its oil spill response plan and, after not receiving it, locked themselves to the rig (preventing it from drilling for oil for 8 hours).

Now, it seems Cairn Energy’s decision to sue for β€œ2 million Euros in fines for every subsequent breach and every day the campaigners stop the Leiv Eiriksson operating” has backfired.

Greenpeace Arctic Activists in Court Today after 18 Activists Arrested

I’ve got a lot of updates for you on the Greenpeace Arctic activists who have been trying to stop Arctic oil drilling. On Saturday at 5:00 am, 18 Greenpeace activists in 5 inflatable speedboats made their way past a Danish navy warship, scaled Cairn Energy’s 53,000-ton Leiv Eiriksson oil rig, and requested to see the company’s oil spill response plan.

When not granted and with police on their way, the activists locked themselves to the rig to stop exploratory oil drilling for as long as possible. It took police 8 hours to get the locks cut and get the activists off the rig.

Greenpeace Arctic Activist on Phone with Oil Rig Worker & Cairn Energy Headquarters {VIDEO}

Following up on my posts on Greenpeace’s Arctic activism (it is attempting to stop Cairn Energy from drilling for oil in the Arctic, or at least get a hold of their oil spill response plan for the region), here’s a video of Greenpeace’s Ben Ayliffe on the phone with workers on the Leiv Eiriksson oil rig in the Arctic and Cairn Energy representatives at its headquarters as well as him reading an email from them. Enjoy.