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Tree Hugging Scientifically Proven to Improve Your Health

Tree hugging has now been shown to have scientific validity after all. Contrary to popular belief, touching a tree does make you healthier. In fact you don’t even have to touch the tree to get better, just being within its vicinity has the same effect.

Inexpensive Ways to Green Your Home

While we all want to do our part to save the planet, some changes require more expense and effort than the average homeowner is willing to commit. Contrary to what you may think, you don’t have to make major changes in your home in order to green-up. Every little change you make will add up over time. Start with the mantra we’ve all heard: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Beyond that, here are a few more ideas that won’t cost you much. Some will even save you money.

Green and Cheap Summer Cooling Tips

Keeping cool during the summer is not as difficult as it seems. With simple changes in the way you cool yourself, you can save an enormous amount of money on air conditioning and save it for unusually hot and humid weather.