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How Much Energy Does the Internet Consume?

The Internet uses more electricity than the entire auto industryโ€™s production of cars and trucks combined. IT companies and users need to discover renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power to provide electricity for the Internet.

How to Green your Community

I have spent hours researching how to turn my community green. I suppose Iโ€™m a little too anxious to create change. I went directly for who I should contact locally for changing laws and such. Again, I was reminded that all things take time. One of the first things pretty much every site said about community change was that you should form a group. And itโ€™s true, there is great strength in numbers, so hereโ€™s how to go about it.

Like Post & Offset Year's Worth of Google (or Yahoo! or Bing) Searches

The latest post on “Click it for Good” is up and it’s offering to offset your internet searches for one year if you ‘like’ or ‘+1’ or ‘tweet’ or ‘stumble’ the post. Plus, you can have even more impact by ‘liking’ the “click it for Good” Facebook page:

Google Earth Exploring The Ocean Floor

Google Earth has always been a fantastic tool, and it has not become even more useful, as Google – in collaboration with Columbia University – has added more ocean seafloor to Google Earth than has ever been available before. As a result, you can now explore half the ocean area that has ever been mapped – an area larger than the size of North America – from the comfort of your own home.

7 Google Clean Energy Investments

Google is a clean energy leader (if you haven’t heard). It’s made a number of big clean energy investments in the past year or two and I recently decided to compile a little list of 7 of its biggest over on CleanTechnica. Check them out…