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7 Google Clean Energy Investments

Google is a clean energy leader (if you haven’t heard). It’s made a number of big clean energy investments in the past year or two and I recently decided to compile a little list of 7 of its biggest over on CleanTechnica. Check them out…

Geothermal.. Both Kinds [VIDEOS]

What is geothermal energy? What’s the difference between deep earth geothermal power (or Enhanced Geothermal Systems) and ground source “Geothermal” heat pumps? Thanks to a little video digging by Peter Sinclair … [Read full article]

Abandoned Mines Could Be Used for Other Purposes: Geothermal Energy

If the trend of extinguishing coal-fired plants continues, more and more mines will be shut down, not to mention mines that simply up and quit. But what is to be done with the abandoned mines? It isn’t as though we can just dispose of them at some hi-tech facility. These mines will become useless scars.