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Gallup Surveys The World on Climate Change

Gallup surveys conducted in 111 countries throughout 2010 have yielded interesting results that, once again, show America to be behind the times on accepting fault for the current climate change.

Climate Beliefs Shift With The Wind

A new paper which looks at three separate studies shows that humanities understanding of climate change and global warming is at times unduly influenced by something as simple as how cold or warm it is on the day that they are asked.

Americans More Self-Centered than Ever

More and more Americans are turning their focus inward and ignoring the plight of that which does not directly concern them, as seen in the most recent statistics released by Gallup from their polling in early March of this year.

Americans Characteristically Uninformed About Climate Change

One of the best ways to gauge the American public’s understanding and views on the climate debate is conducted by Gallup’s annual Environmental poll. Conducted over March 3 to 6 of this year, the latest results show that Americans continue to underestimate the impact of environmental change taking place and are additionally wilfully ignorant of the issues.