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FOX News' Take on Non-NASA Alien & Global Warming Paper

Well, you knew FOX News was going to bring the crazy as soon as you saw the news about “NASA’s” new paper on possible results of a planetary encounter with aliens (actually, it’s not from NASA.. though, many are inaccurately saying it is).

Of course, FOX reporters said it was a NASA study (again, it wasn’t). Furthermore, they totally framed the story in a way that made it sound crazy, rather than making it clear that it was a thought experiment analyzing “a broad range of contact scenarios in terms of whether contact with ETI would benefit or harm humanity.”

TV News Completely Biased against Climate Change Action (Citizens Still Support It)

Media Matters has conducted a study on the climate change and climate action coverage of major TV networks and has come to a striking (though, not too surprising) conclusion: these TV news networks have heavily skewed the debate towards climate inaction (at the great frustration of climate scientists and all those who care about a livable climate).

Top 20 Planetsave Stories in May

Hello Planetsavers! I thought I’d start doing a monthly wrap-up of our top 20 posts for people to have a glance at. Many of the top stories this month, as you’ll notice, were clearly tied into major world news events. Google is the main traffic driver for the large majority of sites on the Internet and ours isn’t an exception. Covering environmental news consistently, this often results in the biggest news stories rising to the top.

"Obama Bin Laden is Dead" — FOX News is a Horrible Disgrace to the American People

Seriously, I should probably be writing on something else, but this has really pissed me off. How horrible and ridiculous can FOX News get. You can see in the screenshot above that FOX News’ coverage of Osama Bin Laden’s death entailed switching up ‘Osama’ for ‘Obama’ — cleaver, eh? If you’re in fourth grade and have no sense for what is important in this world.