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Lifting the Veil

  Holy Terror Farm is a paradise of sorts on the banks of Terror Creek in the Western Colorado Rockies. Bushels of fresh fruits and vegetables of every sort, species, … [Read full article]

Occupy Farm in the Sky

Going well with this 1,200-acre rooftop farming programΒ I discussed about a week ago, the Occupy Wall Street rooftop farm introduced below looks like it will be quite the inspiration. Help … [Read full article]

World's Largest Rooftop Farm (in NYC) & Interviews with Its Founder {VIDEOS}

Brooklyn Grange (one of the farms featured in the video above) is reportedly the largest rooftop farm and it recently rolled into its second growing season. The organic urban farm, believe it or not, is located in Brooklyn, NY (funny coincidence with the name, eh?). The farm sits on top of a 6-story 1919 warehouse and is 40,000 square feet in size. It was built by Bromley Caldari Architects.

Free Videos, Webinars for Starting Farmers and Gardeners

As a farmer-in-training, I’m always on the look out for great resources on the web. And while you can learn a lot about organic food production by reading, you can learn even more from watching people actually do it.

The End of Intensive Farming Fertilizers?

Hundreds of years ago, it was common practice for all the sh*t in a town or city to be gathered up each night and dumped on the nearby fields as fertilizer. This provided excellent nutrients for the crops, but it also created a lot of disease.

Scroll forwards hundreds of years later, and we still have to wash our fruit and veg because of all the chemical sh*t dumped on it. More to the point, real sh*t is being looked at again as a sustainable substitute for chemical and phosphate fertilizers used in intensive agriculture.

November Link Drop

I know, it’s not November any more. I’m dropping links here for November stories I never got around to sharing or writing about but really wanted to. I figured it … [Read full article]