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Hole-y Cow! WTFistula?

Here’s some text from a PBS interview with Michael Pollan, entitled “Modern Meat.” This covers the need for the holes (“Rumen Fistula”) and more. Read the whole thing via the link, … [Read full article]

Backyard CAFOs

More on Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) and Factory Farms From PlanetSave: Top 5 Ways to End Factory Farming From CAFOtheBook: CAFO the Book From GMO Journal: Big Chicken=Big Pollution … [Read full article]

National Factory Farming Conference

Planetsave is one of the media sponsors for Farm Sanctuary’s 1st ever National Conference on Factory Farming. I wrote an intro post on this over on Eat Drink Better, another sponsoring site. Here’s that info, reposted in full:

3 Big Lies from Big Food

Most of the meat Americans consume is from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, which are horrific for animals and terrible for our health and our communities. CAFO: The Tragedy of Industrial … [Read full article]