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Dramatic Loss of Arctic Ozone

The European Space Agency, the UNโ€™S World Meteorological Organization, and the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research are among the leading authorities reporting a record depletion of the ozone layer over the Arctic.

According to the WMO, โ€œdepletion of the ozone layer โ€ฆ has reached an unprecedented level over the Arctic this spring because of the continuing presence of ozone-depleting substancesโ€ฆโ€

Central Europe As Seen From Space

The European Space Agency, courtesy of the Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer onboard the Envisat satellite captured this image of Central Europe on March 22 at a resolution of 300 m.

Yucatan Peninsula Seen from Space

This fantastic image of Holbox Island and the Yalahau Lagoon on the northeast corner of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula was taken by the Korea Multi-purpose Satellite (Kompsat-2) of the Korea Aerospace Research Institute on 12 March.

Middle Eastern Terrain From Space

This image, taken by Envisatโ€™s Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer on 4 February 2011 shows the closest point between Iran (top) and the Arabian Peninsula, the Strait of Hormuz (centre), which links the Persian Gulf (left) with the Gulf of Oman (upper right) and the Arabian Sea (lower right).