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A Spring that Can't Wait

  As the corruption in our system continues unabated and the interminable Republican primary season continues its buffoonery of โ€˜solutionsโ€™ for our failing state, there is some highly unusual behavior … [Read full article]

Going on Offense

by Bill McKibben Hey everyone, Yesterday was one of the truly fun days in this whole wild year of organizing.ย We had hundreds of referees outside the Capitol, and we blew … [Read full article]

Everything is Connected: Currents of Activism, Occupy Wall Street, Tar Sands

Everything is connected: the things we do, the things others do, affect peopleโ€™s lives. The aura of our material planet is a body of energy that is part of us and extends around us from the inside out. This connectivity is showing up willfully in our streets. Bill Mikkiben points out: โ€œWe cannot solve the carbon problem until we solve the power problem.โ€ He also acknowledges the good timing of now-linking movements of activism. The time of putting positive energy into a collective force is in action now as a space to heal these gaping wounds in culture and environment unfolds.