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How to Market Deforestation

Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), the same company Greenpeace influenced Mattel to stop working with, has been destroying Indonesian rainforests to make Paseo-brand tissue products. These tissues are in many … [Read full article]

Save Rainforest, with a Few Clicks

The founder of Planetsave wrote a post here on Planetsave about a month and a half ago regarding his new project, Like it for Good. The essence of the project is that by “liking,” “tweeting,” “thumbing up,” etc. posts, you support companies and organizations helping the environment.

Special Edition Round Up: World Rhino Day {Photos & Videos}

This week’s Round Up is an inspirational snapshot of both offline and online events undertaken by people all over the world to bring awareness to the plight of the planet’s remaining rhinos. The unifying message is one simple truth: “Rhino horn is NOT Medicine!”

Orphaned African Elephants Thrive at the Nairobi Nursery in Kenya

In many parts of the world, including Kenya, the elephant population is drastically declining and it is humans that are to blame. Over the past two decades, the elephant population in Africa has declined from 1.3 million to an estimated population of 5,000. Poaching for ivory and environmental changes mark the primary human impact factors.

Unfortunately, the price of ivory is currently soaring to record levels, and this means that African elephants are more at risk than ever, as the Kenyan population attempts to improve its declining economy, which was affected considerably due to the global recession’s effect on tourism in the region. This poaching means that there are many immature elephants left without their mothers, or the means to survive.

Protecting Endangered Species from Congress

Of course, we here at the Sierra Club love animals. To help share that love, we put together this amazing slideshow of endangered animals in photos by Joel Sartore. Some are cuddly-looking, some, even I admit, are slimy — all deserve protection.

30 Cute, Awe-Inspiring, Interesting, & Disturbing Animal Videos & Stories

We’ve several cute and awe-inspiring animal videos for you this week, as always, but we’ve also got a handful of interesting and disturbing videos about animal cruelty and endangered species that I think everyone should watch. Check these videos out and the stories underneath them all.