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Joshua Tree Has Uncertain Future in Warming Climate

The Yucca brevifolia, better known as the Joshua tree, is looking at an uncertain future as the world continues to warm. New research by a U.S. Geological Survey ecologist shows that the Joshua tree will likely be eliminated from 90 percent of their current range within the next 60 to 90 years.

Earth is Twice as Dusty

According to a new study the amount of dust in the planet’s atmosphere has doubled over the last century, and unsurprisingly is affecting climate and ecology around the world. Led … [Read full article]

How We Wrecked the Ocean – Ecologist Jeremy Jackson Spells It Out [VIDEO]

In this talk, Jackson continuously returns to the three major factors that are dramatically altering our oceans: over-fishing, pollution, and climate change. These factors, he notes, do not arise and operate in isolation, but rather, they feedback into each other and “synergize” to make for a major, impending, ecological disaster.

Carbon Disclosure Project: Green Data for the Eco-Investor

Since its inception in 2000, some 2500 companies from 60 countries have joined in on the Carbon Disclosure Project and begun reporting their estimated carbon emissions and other climate change related policies. This also provides a strong public relations incentive for said companies to set reduction targets and implement improvements such as stronger energy efficiency standards.