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Do You Take Drugs – In Your Drinking Water?

This guest post is the first of two guest posts from David P. Tusa, CEO and President of Sharps Compliance Corp.(Nasdaq: SMED), a leading full-service provider of cost-effective management solutions for medical waste and unused dispensed medications generated outside the healthcare facility setting. Prescription pharmaceuticals can improve our health and quality of life. But often people […]

October 21st

DC Metro Police Searches Discourage Riders, Not Terrorists

Washington, DC’s Metro system recently enacted a random police search policy for its riders, citing increased security concerns for the decision. But in reality, the new policy does nothing to protect people from terrorist attacks and pushes people away from public transit and into cars.[social_buttons] Which is the bigger threat: a terrorist attack on a […]

November 7th

Oil and Gas Industry Pays Off US Govt. with Sex, Drugs

A new report says that Big Oil enticed U.S. government employees with sex, drugs, and other “improper” gifts. If any doubt was left about the complicit corruption of current U.S. energy policy, a report released earlier today by the Interior Department’s inspector general stated that U.S. government employees received what they politely called “improper gifts” […]

September 11th