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Tim DeChristopher — Is 2 Years in Prison Really Worth It? (+ Videos)

The buzz around the green and especially green activist blogoshere over the past 24 hours or so has been the sentencing of climate change and environmental activist Tim DeChristopher, whose actions we’ve covered in detail before here on Planetsave (click the link on his name to read more if you missed those stories). Of course, anyone with any sense of justice is outraged by the 2-year prison sentence DeChrsitopher has received. Will Potter of Green is the New Red has noted that he is getting more time than people who burned churches and threatened black leaders. The fact that he is going to prison for two years for stopping something that was illegal itself is quite insane. There are actually many insane things about this story that I could delve into, but I want to focus on something else….

July 28th

It's Time for a Direct Action Comeback! (Now)

The internet has made communicating with politicians and corporations easier than ever, right? Just pop on your computer and send them an email or sign a few petitions. But I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s questioned how effective this cyber communication is in politics. We can easily send emails and sign petitions, but politicians and CEOs can just as easily (or, actually, even more easily) ignore them.

April 14th

UK Police Arrest 114 Activists For Planning Coal Plant Protest

In a demonstration of increased surveillance on protest groups in Britain, police arrested 114 people for alleged conspiracy to commit criminal damage and aggravated trespass at a coal-fired power plant. [social_buttons] Huh? What kind of protest involves 114 people “conspiring” to enter and vandalize a power plant? Sounds like a few dozen were involved in […]

April 13th

Activists on Homemade Rafts Block World's Largest Coal Port

About 500 activists blocked coal shipments into Australia’s Hunter harbour yesterday by paddling kayaks and homemade rafts made from milk crates and innertubes into the water. [social_buttons] The action, which lasted 11 hours, is the fourth successful blockade against shipments of coal into Australia. More coal is received at that particular harbor than any other […]

March 22nd

Climate Action Shutters Coal Plant For Day, No Arrests Reported

Over 2,500 people from across the country gathered at the Capitol Power Plant today and blocked all five entrances to the plant for almost four hours. [social_buttons] Operators did not attempt to enter the facility, leaving the plant without human attendants and inoperable for the day. NASA scientist James Hansen, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Bill McKibben, […]

March 3rd

Activists Storm Ritsy Coal Industry Award Gala in London

About 100 activists from the group Climate Rush gathered at a five-star hotel and unfurled a banner reading “No New Coal Awards” before being hauled away by police. [social_buttons] Fifty officers prevented the activists from entering the ballroom itself, but the action disrupted the envent nonetheless. The activists came dressed to impress, wearing dresses and […]

February 28th