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Rising Ocean Levels A Long Term Problem

A new study has shown that not only does melting ice contribute more to rising sea levels than thermal expansion, but that ocean levels are likely to continue rising well after the warming of the atmosphere stabilises.

Arctic Affected by Climate Change More than Expected

β€’ The last five years have been the warmest since 1880 when monitoring began
β€’ Tree ring data suggest that the summer temperatures over the past few decades have been the highest in 2000 years
β€’ Snow cover in May and June has decrease by close to 20%
β€’ The winter season in the Arctic has been shortened by almost two weeks
β€’ There is worry about the decrease in snow and ice cover in the Arctic that will decrease the amount of solar radiation reflected back out into the atmosphere
β€’ Warming is only expected to continue
β€’ Sea level rise by 2100 is expected to be between 0.9 and 1.6 metres, approximately twice what was predicted by the UN panel on climate change

Melting Islands Play Big Part in Sea Level Rise

A new study led by a University of Michigan researcher has shown that the melting glaciers and ice caps on Canadian Arctic islands are playing a much greater role in the rise of global sea levels than had previously been assumed.