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Orphaned African Elephants Thrive at the Nairobi Nursery in Kenya

In many parts of the world, including Kenya, the elephant population is drastically declining and it is humans that are to blame. Over the past two decades, the elephant population in Africa has declined from 1.3 million to an estimated population of 5,000. Poaching for ivory and environmental changes mark the primary human impact factors.

Unfortunately, the price of ivory is currently soaring to record levels, and this means that African elephants are more at risk than ever, as the Kenyan population attempts to improve its declining economy, which was affected considerably due to the global recession’s effect on tourism in the region. This poaching means that there are many immature elephants left without their mothers, or the means to survive.

National Endangered Species Day is May 20 {VIDEO}

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service joins numerous conservation organizations to observe Endangered Species Day on May 20, 2011. The purpose of the special day is to “recognize conservation efforts underway across the nation aimed at helping America’s imperiled species.”

Wildlife conservation and restoration projects are happening all over this land, some maybe in your own neck of the woods/neighborhood.