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Colbert "Takes on" EPA

Colbert, with his tremendous skill at bringing out the ridiculousness of today’s GOP leaders, took on the EPA this week. He discussed the EPA’s “uselessness” and job-killing clean air and water with former EPA Administrator Carol Browner.

“The EPA is useless. That is an indisputable fact… We protected the air and the water. We cleaned it up. Now you’re just rubbing it in our faces by continuing to keep it clean,” Colbert said.

Is that not exactly the GOP’s stance?


“If there’s more pollution then there’s more work for the doctors who have to cure us of the diseases we get from the things we eat and drink. I can use your logic against you.”

OK, yep, that finishes the GOP’s official perspective. But watch it all here:

Colbert: "I Know Global Warming is Real"

Comedian Stephen Colbert takes on America’s indifference to global warming despite the mounting evidence that it is here and expected to get much, much worse, perhaps even making the U.S. South uninhabitable for humans… and perhaps even the whole world down the road. Here’s the video:

Colbert Chats with GOP Wordsmith/Spinmaster, Confuses Him (Video)

Frank Luntz is, no doubt, good with words (and a little more than that). He holds his fair share of responsibility for the climate crisis we’re in, too, as he has helped the Republican Party avoid action on this critical topic through word games. (Note: he doesn’t like talking about that much these days.)

The uber-funny Stephen Colbert sat down with him recently to learn a trick or two. The resulting video is hilarious (while also a bit interesting). The funny thing is, Luntz seems to not get that Colbert’s job is to be ridiculous and funny while also poking fun at crazy Republicans. Not sure how he could not get that, or if he just gets irritated somewhat easily.

Colbert Nails Global Warming Deniers — Hilarious Video (+ Top Activism & Politics Stories)

This is insanely hilarious. Why don’t we have more Stephen Colbert’s in the world? I love the whole bit, but the Friends part, the last part (which you just have to watch), the “[Rush] doesn’t believe in global warming? I don’t believe in warming.. I say the science isn’t in on thermodynamics. I believe water boils because it’s scared of fire; it’s trying to jump out of the pot.” You have to watch it: