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Cartoons of the Week

I’ve run into a few really good cartoons or images this week. Check these masterpieces out: h/t Google+ (not sure who created it) h/t Skeptical Science h/t Climate Progress

Climate Humpty Dumpty Cartoon

  Yep, that’s exactly the situation we’re in today. I think you all remember how this one ends…. via Climate Progress

Occupy Wall Street Humor

Along with all the HUGE Occupy news today and this week, here are some good, ‘humours’ Occupy cartoons, graphs, and images:

Heat Wave Cartoons

OK, I’m stealing these from Climate Progress, but they’re really good. Enjoy! & drop more in the comments below if you can.he

Cartoonist Tom Toles Slams Republican Global Warming Deniers

Tom Toles creates some of the best climate change and political cartoons I’ve seen. He’s a Pullitzer-Prize winning cartoonist who works for the Washington Post. After the β€œ1,000,000th email [in a day] complaining that [he’s] not fair to the Republicans” following a recent cartoon of his (above), Toles wrote the following (a great post on global warming denial and Republicans)