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How to Green your Community

I have spent hours researching how to turn my community green. I suppose Iโ€™m a little too anxious to create change. I went directly for who I should contact locally for changing laws and such. Again, I was reminded that all things take time. One of the first things pretty much every site said about community change was that you should form a group. And itโ€™s true, there is great strength in numbers, so hereโ€™s how to go about it.

Simple Ways Your Business Can Go Green

In recent years, environmental concerns have become greater than ever. Lots of us are recycling at home, but many businesses still believe that going green is difficult and requires a lot of hard work. In reality, there are several simple ways that businesses can go green and reduce their impact on the environment โ€“ as well as reducing their outgoings, since going green is all about minimising waste.

Johnson & Johnson Announces New Sustainable Initiative

On the heels of their 125th anniversary, health care product and pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson announced their ambitious five-year plan to move in a new sustainable and environmentally friendly direction.