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Pickle Panda Find Love in the Time of Robot Bees: Part 1, Ch. 5.5

In 2009, defense contractors at Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency โ€“ or, DARPA, for short โ€“ publicly revealed that theyโ€™d successfully created cyborg insects capable of carrying miniaturized surveillance equipment deep into enemy territory.

Earth Day Plastic-Free Prize Pack Giveaway {Book & More}

We’ve got another chance for you to win a great new book here on Planetsave, but it’s not only a book you could win. The “plastic-free prize pack” (see the image below) includes a starter kit for living green, a tote bag, food containers, a water bottle and more (see the full list, 10 items in total, and how to enter at the bottom of the page).

Climate Change and Health, Epic New Book Out.. & You Can Win It!

Director of Harvard Medical School Center for Health and the Global Environment Paul Epstein, MD and award-winning science journalist Dan Ferber have a new book out on the health impacts of climate change: Changing Planet, Changing Health: How the Climate Crisis Threatens Our Health and What We Can Do about It. And you can win a copy of it here on Planetsave.

Review of The Wave by Susan Casey

โ€œColossal rogue waves are natureโ€™s deadliest phenomenon โ€“ meet the scientists and extreme surfers obsessed with hunting them down.โ€ So reads the beginning of the blurb on Susan Caseyโ€™s latest … [Read full article]