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Researchers Identify 'Signature of Consciousness' in Brain-Damaged Patients

In severely brain-damaged patients, medical experts find it difficult to distinguish between those that exist in a “minimally conscious state” and those in a vegetative state. but a recent research project combining a mathematical brain model and EEG recordings of brain activity in healthy and brain-damaged patients has identified the “signature of consciousness”, shedding light on the mysterious basis of human consciousness.

Coke Extends Commitment to Reduce Carbon Footprint

In 2002 the Coca-Cola Company used 3.12 liters of water to produce every liter of poduct. The company, which has captured the taste buds of drinkers worldwide used .57 megajoules of energy and averaged 12.54 grams of waste per liter of product. It’s no wonder that the Coke Kingdom has been less than popular among environmental groups.